Sub Healing
The Healing Nature of The Awearness 
 "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind"

Z- Memo Series offers a variety of self-adapting tools enhancing its bearers consciousness on his subconscious mind and its influence on his health and balance in life.
It should be worn like a jewel: wristband, pendant etc.
Each tool bares a different label with a specified message.
How does it work?
wearing the tool will encourage a gentle self-awakening of the subconscious that raises self-awareness.
Carrying the Z-Memo will encourage growing awareness of the subconscious mind in a gentle manner.
The body will feel the permanent effect of activation by Z- Memo on the subconscious mind, which might be enhanced consciously even when looking at the tool/the jewel.
The message of each label, aims at a different subject, and defines the specific self-awareness effect.
General message.
The 'Z icon' serves as a general definition of the aware awakening, of physical and mental balance, re-connection with nature, wellbeing and natural way of healing thy-self. It enables the mind to recall that the process of getting out of balance and back is cyclic and periodical. The mind develops awareness of the obvious concept that natural health is self-evident.
Z-Memo enables its wearer the insight that Health is the primary source of balance, along with self-development, maturation, inner strength and
The awareness of Grace is the origin of a healthy and balanced life.
The main intense of the ’Z’ icon is that deep feeling of ”returning home” as it enhances the feeling of harmony within yourself.
Specific message.
Each tool bears a different label containing a different message:
For example, the ”Z-SPORT” wristband strongly affirms that “THE BODY KNOWS”, and raises natural awareness of the following qualities:
movement, vitality, persistence, determination, flexibility, breathing, accuracy, dance and self-expression, as well as listening to the body capabilities and limitations.
'Z- SPORT' empowers the personal mind-body balance, thus enables its wearer to reenter into his personal rhythm.
At the mental level, the Z-SPORT wristband is about making peace and reaching harmony with “Thy-self”, i.e., your body.
You are welcome to use these gentle yet powerful tools to encourage the awareness of self-awareness.